How Much Does DJ Equipment Cost? (plus Averages)

The full range of DJ equipment options

DJ kit doesn’t need to be expensive and it shouldn’t be a barrier to you starting. There is a wide range of costs for every bit of kit to suit every budget. Essentially, you don’t even need to worry about how much does DJ equipment cost, instead start thinking about what budget you have available and work with that.

To make things easier to digest I have split this article into sections covering the costs of each bit of kit and also I’ve included the average cost of DJ equipment individually.

How Much Does a DJ Controller Cost?

How much do DJ controllers cost?
DJ controllers vary hugely in cost, mostly due to features and build quality

DJ controllers have all but taken over the DJ industry, especially when it comes to those starting out or DJs practicing at home. It can be easy to be put off DJing as DJ controllers can cost a lot. Thankfully with all DJ equipment, there are manufacturers and ranges suited for every budget (there are plenty of options for headphones for example) (there are plenty of options for headphones for example).

Aside from build quality, the only thing to consider when looking for a cheaper DJ controller is compromising on features.

Currently, the most expensive DJ controller available is the Pioneer DDJ-RZ2 at $2,000. This is because it is by the industry-standard manufacturer and is packed full of features.

That said, even the most basic DJ controller will allow you to start learning the skills needed to be a DJ. This is true of the Numark DJ2GO2 Touch which is available for only $80.

Lots of features are nice to have, but if you haven’t learned the basic DJ skills then more features will not make up for that. Which is why many people start on a basic DJ controller and then work their way up as their skills improve.


  • To determine how much does a DJ controller costs we only looked at controllers with reviews of four stars and upwards.
  • The DJ controllers covered in this section require a laptop in order to function and should not be confused with standalone units.
    • Standalone DJ controllers can cost considerably more so have been covered in their own section below.

Price Range (USD)Average (USD)Recommended Unit
High-end999 - 1,9991,499See it here
Mid range453 - 699576See it here
Low end99 - 310204.50See it here
Average DJ Controller Cost579.83

How Much Do Standalone DJ Controllers Cost?

How much do standalone DJ controllers cost?
Standalone DJ controllers tend to cost more as they’re all-in-one units

While DJ controllers are a great innovation in DJing, they generally require a laptop in order to function. Standalone units, however, can run independently of a laptop.

These types of DJ controllers can cost more as they need more functionality and built-in screens. These allow you access to your music library and all of the features.

The two main manufacturers that make standalone DJ controllers are Pioneer and Denon. Pioneer’s DDJ-RZX comes in with the highest cost at $3,000. While the Denon Prime 4, which is comparable in terms of build quality and features comes in at a fairly reasonable $1,800.

It may seem that these type of DJ controllers cost a lot of money but bear in mind that you do not need a specced out laptop to run DJ software. Meaning there is a saving to be had there.


  • When researching how much a standalone DJ controller costs we only looked at units with 4 stars or more.
Price Range (USD)Average (USD)Recommended Unit
Standalone DJ Controller1,799 - 2,9992,399
Average Standalone DJ Controller1,799 - 2,9992,399

How Much Do DJ Decks Cost?

How much do DJ decks cost?
The cost of DJ decks depends on the features built in

Individual DJ decks are popular as they are part of the industry standard setup and it is the most commonly used set that tops our list of what DJ decks cost. Coming in at $2,150 Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS2s lead the charge due to their features and reliability.

Innovations in the CDJ range allowed DJs to create more complex sets beyond simply mixing two tunes together. However, just as with DJ controllers, even the most basic DJ deck will allow you to practice and hone your skills.

In fact, if you are able to mix competently on basic decks then you will see a sudden jump in your skills when you switch to professional equipment.

The cheapest functional DJ deck that we found was the DJ-Tech uSolo MKII coming in at just $110. Although a basic unit, it features the pitch / speed controls you need to adjust tempo and begin DJing.


  • Only units with four stars and above were considered when looking at how much DJ decks cost.
Price Range (USD)Average (USD)Recommended Unit
High-end1,699 - 2,1501,924.50See it here
Mid range699 - 1,199949See it here
Low end110 - 310210See it here
Average DJ Decks Cost1027.83

How Much Does a DJ Mixer Cost?

How much do DJ mixers cost?
The cost of DJ mixers vary massively

As the central hub of your setup it is understandable that DJ mixes can cost a lot. Especially considering they are generally the piece of kit that gets handled the most during a DJ set.

The basic functionality of all mixers is the same in that they all give you volume controls sliders and EQ knobs. Where DJ mixes start to cost more is in terms of their build quality, longevity and extra features.

Topping the how much does a DJ Mixer cost list at $2200 is the Allen & Heath Xone:DB4. Packed with effects and built to a high standard, it should last even the most aggressive DJ a good few years.

The lowest cost DJ mixer we found was the Gemini MM1 coming in at only $60. Due to its price it is an understandably basic 2 channels mixer without any extra features like effects or MIDI control.


  • When answering how much a DJ Mixer cost we only looked at units rated four stars or more.

Price Range (USD)Average (USD)Recommended Unit
High-end DJ Mixer cost1,499 - 2,1991,849See it here
Mid range DJ Mixer cost445 - 1,099772See it here
Low end DJ Mixer cost60 - 329194.50See it here
Average DJ Mixer Cost938.50

How Much Do DJ Turntables Cost?

How much do DJ turntables cost?
The range of turntables isn’t as big as it used to be

Before CDJs came along and changed the game, vinyl turntables ruled the roost. At their peak there were many different manufacturers making them, meaning there was a much wider range in terms of cost. However as sales of vinyl turntables have decreased, so have the options.

It is common for only vinyl purists or turntablists to invest in turntables, both of which expect a certain baseline quality.

This means that even the cheapest unit, the Reloop RP-2000 USB MK2, comes in at $300. Being the lowest cost DJ turntable doesn’t mean it’s completely basic however. Reloop have added USB functionality to further broaden its appeal. The short of this being DJs are able to digitise their vinyl, as well as play them through a DJ Mixer in the traditional way.

Leagues ahead at the top of the table is the long-standing king of the DJ world.

Technics SL1210s are absolute classics, even more so because they are not made in the same form anymore (although a version, mk7s, still are). This is reflected in the price at a hefty $2,640. While incredibly expensive, their build and the fact that they can be serviced, mean that 1210s should last a lifetime, literally.


  • As with all other units on this list, only turntables with 4 stars or higher were considered for how much do DJ turntables cost.
Price Range (USD)Average (USD)Recommended Unit
High-end1,300 - 2,6401,970See it here
Mid range499 - 699599See it here
Low end300 - 399349.50See it here
Average DJ Turntables Cost972.83

How Much Do DJ Headphones Cost?

How much do DJ Headphones cost
The industry standard Dj headphones surprisingly aren’t the ones that cost the most

DJ headphones are one of the most essential pieces of kit as you will need them regardless of what setup you have. The main things to consider when choosing DJ headphones revolve around sound quality, comfort and durability. Cheap headphones will do the job but likely won’t last long when being carted around from gig to gig.

The best highest price DJ headphones have a focus on clear sound and are built with superior components and design to withstand the demands of gigging.

The highest price headphones came in at a whopping $2,099 for Ultrasone’s Edition 5s. However, while these would be suitable for DJing they are technically studio headphones so I have added an extra ultra-high-end row.

The highest cost for specific DJ headphones are a far more affordable, $350, for Pioneer’s HDJ-X10. The lowest cost headphones I found, with excellent reviews, was Numark’s HF125s for only $13. While these won’t be particularly sturdy they will do the job for practicing at home.

With those ranges in mind it worth noting that the most popular headphones amongst DJs are nowhere near the top of the price range. Which is why they are our most recommended, you can read more about them here.


  • When looking to answer how much do DJ headphones cost, I only looked for those with a rating of 4 stars or higher.
Price Range (USD)Average (USD)Recommended Unit
Ultra High-end1,499 - 2,0991,799See it here
High-end249 - 350299.50See it here
Mid range108 - 232170See it here
Low end13 - 9956See it here
Average DJ Headphones Cost
(Exc Ultra High-end)
175.17See it here

How Much Do DJ Speakers Cost?

How much do DJ speakers cost?
The cost of speakers can vary massively, club setups can cost a fortune

Speakers are a bit of an odd one out here as you could build a house with the cost of some sound systems. You may think I’m joking but when Dillinja & Lemon D built the Valve Sound System both of them literally sold their homes to in order to build it.

Therefore I set a few boundaries for selections, primarily looking at those suitable for home use. Other boundaries are detailed in the notes section below.

The most expensive set of consumer speakers I found was the Seismic Audio Magmas 118S-PW at $1100. Packing only 800W they are actually not as powerful as some of the cheaper models. The least expensive I found was the Rockville APM8W’s which pumped out 500W for a far more affordable $185 a pair.


  • When looking to answer how much do speakers cost I only looked for:
  • Consumer speakers i.e suitable for home use
  • Powered speakers (that don’t require a separate amplifier to work)
  • Those sold as speakers only (many come bundled with stands or lights etc)
  • The price ranges below are for speaker pairs (meaning I doubled the cost if sold individually)
Price Range (USD)Average (USD)Recommended Unit
High-end865 - 1099982
Mid range389 - 549469
Low end185 - 355270
Average DJ Speakers Cost573.67

How Much Does It Cost to Buy DJ Equipment on Average?

The full range of DJ equipment options

Of course this table doesn’t really give an accurate reflection as the extreme cost of vinyl turntables throws out the relatively low cost of DJ headphones.

However, this is the average cost of DJ equipment when you look at all the units available.

Average Cost (USD)Recommended Unit
DJ controller579.33See it here
Standalone DJ controller2,399
DJ Decks1027.83See it here
DJ Mixer938.50See it here
DJ Turntables972.83See it here
DJ Headphones175.17See it here
DJ Speakers573.66See it here
Total Average Cost of DJ Equipment952.33

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