Is DJing a good hobby? The Top 5 Benefits

Is DJing a good hobby?

This is a question that gets asked often by people who are looking to DJ as a fun, spare time activity. There is a lot of misunderstanding around how DJing is done and how expensive it can be to start. So is DJing a good hobby? Yes, it can be a great idea and let’s find out why.

DJing without the expectation of becoming a global superstar as the only outcome means DJing can be one of the most fun and rewarding hobbies a person can do. This is due to how easy it is to start learning and the amount of help and tutorials available. Overall the barrier to entry is very low.

Especially now that you have so many manufacturers creating DJ equipment. This means that it isn’t too expensive and you can start with entry-level equipment relatively cheap. Let’s go over the arguments for why it is such a good hobby.

DJing is a Grind When Aiming for Superstardom

One of the reasons people struggle with DJing and say that it’s hard is because they are aiming for the level of Skrillex (see the software & equipment he uses here), Deadmau5, Calvin Harris and other superstar DJs. These, of course, account for only a tiny percentage of DJs who start in the first place.

However, when you’re doing it just for fun then all of that pressure and grind of trying to establish yourself falls away. Instead, you can focus on finding music you enjoy and being able to play with it.

1 – Playing With Music

One of the reasons that make DJing so enjoyable is it allows you a deeper connection with the music you enjoy. Not only are you listening to it but you can get involved and create with it.

This gives you a whole new level of enjoyment and understanding of your music. Even old tracks become exciting again when you start recognizing different sections or sounds that can be used in a mix or layered up to create entirely new tunes.

2 – It Encourages You to Find New Music

DJing allows you play WITH music

I can sometimes get lazy with the music that I listen to, as I’m sure a lot of people do. Rather than finding new music, I will just listen to the same collection over and over again. Usually just because of pure laziness. However, DJing as a hobby puts an end to that.

A large part of DJing is finding new and exciting music (Beatport is a great resource for DJ music). This makes for a perfect reason to spend time researching and discovering new artists that you’ll enjoy playing around with.

This has the side effect of increasing your musical knowledge as well as your music library itself. Which makes DJing as a hobby hugely beneficial in other areas not just behind the decks (see our recommended decks here).

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3 – There Is No Limit to What You Can Learn

Is DJing a good hobby for people who enjoy learning? Yep, is it a fantastic hobby in this respect, perhaps one of the best in fact.

This is because there is no limit to the number of skills and tricks available. Even the most established, professional DJs will always be discovering and practicing new techniques.

With a constant flow of new DJ videos all the time then you will never be short of inspiration. There will always be something new to learn.

This goes hand-in-hand with having new and exciting tracks to play. As the music itself often encourages you to learn new techniques, inspired by wanting to play that particular track.

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4 – It Can Fill Any Amount of Time

Because there are so many techniques you could learn and endless music to discover, then you will never be bored. You can also fill any amount of time you wish to. Whether it be 5-10 minutes or an hour then DJing is a great way to spend that time.

In fact, is quite easy to get lost in mixing and for hours and hours to fly by. So aside from anything else, it’s a great way to keep out of trouble.

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5 – It Can Be Highly Social

DJing can be really social
DJing can be really social

Another benefit of DJing is that it comes with a great community. People that are into DJing tend to love it.

Therefore you will meet new friends and have lots in common with people. Either through DJing itself or through the music knowledge that you learned along the way.

It also gives you something great and productive to do at parties. Although this is not the main aim of DJing as a hobby, playing at house parties with friends can be highly enjoyable.

This is because it’s incredibly low pressure and you are there purely to have fun. It adds a whole different dimension to party going. You go from a passive attendee, enjoying the festivities, to being the one who literally brings the party.

And if you’re doing it with friends it makes it even more fun as they suggest tracks and make requests. Which you can either play or take the mick out of the most rubbish requests…

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Conclusion Is DJing a Good Hobby?

From the points listed above you’ve probably gathered I think DJing is a fantastic hobby for anyone to get involved with.

In fact, the more you are doing it for fun the easier and more enjoyable you will find it.

There are huge benefits, as listed above, in terms of expanding your mind and learning about both the equipment itself and music. And that’s not even to mention the physical benefits that come with it, such as an increase in hand-eye coordination.

So, if you’re still wondering if DJing is a good hobby to get into, I would say yes. Go for it. Grab some tracks, get some cheap (or even free) DJ software and just get going. I don’t think you’ll regret it.

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