Recommended DJ Mixer

DJM750mk2 - Our recommended mixer
The DJM750mk2 (push image to see price on Amazon)

The mixer is the hub of any DJ setup, without one a deck by itself is useless. They also get the most consistent use of any bit of DJ equipment, given that they are used for every mix (a deck only gets used once every two mixes for example).

Therefore, where possible, it is worth investing in a reliable, feature-packed mixer that will last you as long as possible without needing to be replaced.

Why I recommend the Pioneer DJM-750MK2

Although not the most expensive of Pioneer’s mixers, the DJM-750MK2 inherits many of the features of it. This makes it a good choice both in terms of value and practicing for club gigs.

Incorporating 4 channels, reliable faders, and advanced FX having the DJM-750MK2 (push to price check on Amazon) means you will feel right at home when you use any top of the range models.

Features to look for in a Mixer

  • Built-in FX – These add extra layers to your mixes
  • Extra inputs (beyond the standard 2+ deck inputs). This would allow you to add extra units (like a third deck) if you wanted to.
  • Send / Return – These allow you to extend the functionality of your mixer. In the DJM-750MK2’s case you can either use it to input extra effects units from your phone or iPad, or probably more likely, use it to record your mixes direct to your phone in HQ.
  • Durable Faders – The faders are nearly always the first thing to go on a mixer. So it is important to purchase a mixer with durable faders that ideally can be replaced. The 750 does both, with its crossfader being tested up to 10million movements.
  • Microphone input (although this should come as standard)
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