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Sennheiser HD25 Recommended DJ Headphones
Sennheiser HD25s are the best DJ headphones out there
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When it comes to choosing the best DJ headphones, there is just simply no comparison. The Sennheiser HD25s (push here to see Amazon’s price) have been an industry standard for years. Trusted by DJs for their reliability whether a professional or up and comer.

Originally designed for use in studios and film, the great price and exceptional sound quality meant they crossed over into the DJ world. Where they have remained ever since, largely due to their clear and clean, sound signature.

They are also comfortable given that they are highly adjustable both in the headband and the cups. This makes them ideal for wearing in the half on/half off style that many DJs prefer when mixing.

While they might not be as good as over-ear headphones when it comes to isolating background noise, this has nothing to do with the HD25s. It is simply a by-product of being on-ear headphones. That said their closed-back mean they do as good a job as possible at blocking out external noise in the DJ booth. This means you’ll be able to hear the monitors and focus on your mix with no problem at all.

Although they are made of plastic, it is high quality and durable. Which makes them feel incredibly sturdy, especially as they have a double band. This gives them extra strength and grip when you’re moving and dancing around behind the decks (see our recommended decks here).

Some headphones have specific sound signatures i.e. they may be tuned to beef up the bass a little. These, however, do not. Instead, they let you hear the sound in exactly the way that the producer intended you to, crisp and clear. And that makes them perfect for DJing.

The strong build means they are ideal for taking with you to gigs, as they will withstand being thrown in and out of bags. If the worst should happen and something gets broken then all of the parts are replaceable which is another feature that makes them so well suited for any type of DJing.

Why I Like the Sennheiser Hd25s

In terms of comfort, the HD 25 gives you a couple of options. In that, you can change the pads between the standard leatherette and velour, depending on which you prefer. I personally prefer the Velor as it feels softer and doesn’t slide around due to sweat, they are however warmer than leatherette.

You can also replace the padding, which is especially important given the hours spent DJing and the amount of sweat produced during a gig. This can degrade the padding in many headphones, make then at least uncomfortable to wear and at worst, useless.

But not the HD 25s. You simply replace the padding and then you’re good to go again.

The fully adjustable headband, as well as sliding and rotating cups, means they will fit on your head regardless of how big or small it is. The adjustability really does make them a one size fits all set of headphones.

The cable itself is also made from high-quality materials and is built to be durable. Where this benefits most is the fact that it doesn’t become too tangled or take ages to sort out. The large majority of the time, it will simply fall straight as soon as you take them out of your bag.

The other reason you know you can’t go wrong with HD25s is due to the number of professional superstar DJs that have used or endorsed them. These range from DJs like Nina Kravitz through to superstars like Deadmau5.

Like I mentioned above, the replaceable parts allow you can easily order spares and fix the headphones yourself. This means you should easily get a good 10 years or more out of your investment. Sennheiser themselves also have a good reputation. So you are you know you are in the hands of a professional audio manufacturer.

What to Look for in Headphones


Like I’ve mentioned above durability is important, particularly for gigging DJs. That’s why you don’t want to go cheap and buy a set of headphones that break within a few gigs. Instead, spend the money purchasing a sturdy set with replaceable parts that you can fix yourself.

Sound Quality and Clarity

When it comes to mixing, you’ll want to hear all the different frequencies of a track so you can pick out the exact element that you prefer to mix with. Again, the HD25s don’t color the sound at all, meaning that you get perfect replication of the track.

Rotating Cups

This is optional and down to personal preference. Some DJs like to be able to rotate the cup away from the ear so that they can hear exactly what is going on in the booth. Which, if that’s your style, is what the HD25s let you do.


It’s fairly common for DJs to not even consider comfort when buying a set of headphones. However, remember that you will be wearing them for hours at a time and tension pain is very real. That’s why having an adjustable comfortable set of headphones, where you can switch in padding, will allow you to mix to your heart’s content.

The HD 25s can’t be recommended highly enough. They are simply the industry standard when it comes to DJ headphones.

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