Recommended Midi Keyboard

Novation Launchkey Mini - Our Recommended MIDI Keyboard
The Novation Launchkey is great for producing and touring with
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Having a MIDI keyboard in your setup is not only useful for producing, it also means you can easily add a live element to your DJ sets.

My most recommended keyboard is the Novation Launchkey Mini Mk3.

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Why I recommend the Novation Launchkey

The thing I love most about the Launchkey is now many features it packs into such a small unit.

Not only does it feature 25 standard keys but also 16 backlit pads. Perfect for triggering samples or finger drumming.

While it would be nice to have more knobs on there, the 8 available still give you plenty of options for use both during DJ sets, or while producing.

Features to look for in MIDI Keyboards

  • Weighted keys (for that authentic piano feel)
  • MIDI out port (so you can chain it with other MIDI equipment)
  • USB connection (most modern keyboards have this as standard)
  • Compatibility with production and DJ software
  • Versatility
    • Pads (preferably velocity sensitive)
    • Pots/Knobs to control volume or EQ when DJing/producing
    • Effect/modulation strips or sliders
    • Foot pedal compatibility (optional depending on your playing style)

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