User Question: Denon MC6000 – The Mic Inputs Are Terrible…

User question - How to link Yamaha MG10XU to Denon MC6000MK2

Question (asked by Mike P)

I currently have the Denon controller and the mic inputs are terrible. I also own a Yamaha Mg10 mixer.

My question is… how can I connect the mixer to the controller as I would like to use the mixer for my mics.
Can this be done?


Hi Mike,

Yes, this absolutely is possible.

Given that I am assuming both Mic inputs are bad (the Coaxial & XLR inputs) the only option you have would be to run an RCA cable into line 4.

This would allow you to plug the Mic into the Yamaha mixer and adjust settings on there as you need, I suggest keeping them fairly neutral (i.e not affecting the sound).

From that point on all levels & EQ adjustment could be done on Line/Channel 4 of the Denon controller. This will save you have to move between two units to keep your vocal levels in line with the music etc.

The only down side of this method is you would then only have 3 decks to mix instead of the (potentially) full 4.

To do this you will need a 1/4″ jack to RCA cable.

Run it from either the stereo out, or you could even use the headphone out (given that the typical mics used for MCing are mono).

Yamaha MG10XU Jack outputs
Run your Mic’s sound out via the stereo out or headphone output
1/4" Jack to RCA cables
You could use a dual 1/4″ Jack to RCA cable (if using the stereo outputs)
or single (if using the headphone output)
Denon MC6000MK2 rear panel
Then route it into Line 4 so you can control the vocal’s levels & EQ along with the music all on the controller


I couldn’t find a 1/4″ Jack to RCA cable on Amazon, but eBay have them.

This is a dual

This is a single

I hope that helps, if you have any further questions please let me know.
Happy DJing!

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