How Do DJs Have Every Track? Their 2 Secrets Revealed…

How do DJs have every track?
It might seem like when you go to an event, whether a club or a wedding, that DJs have an infinite amount of tracks. How do DJs have every track? It’s almost as if they have everything ever. This is particularly true when you make a request and pretty shortly after you hear that very track. Well, let’s discover the secret.

How do DJs have every track? Well, of course, they don’t. However, they do have huge libraries thanks to the rise of digital DJing. And those that are truly knowledgeable about their genre will have all of the most well-known tracks available. This is often why you might find that they have the tracks that you have requested. Simply because they love what they do, they will have built a collection that serves their audience.

DJs Having Every Track Doesn’t End There Though…

On top of building large music libraries, DJs also now find and download music on the fly. Assuming they have good Wi-Fi or cell coverage, you will often find DJs searching and downloading tracks in the middle of a set. Especially if they feel it is the exact track that they need to play next.

Beatport Link allows DJs access to millions of tracks

How do DJs have every track would not have been a question asked back in the days of pure vinyl DJing. As the DJs would only have had perhaps 30 – 50 records that they had brought with them that night.

Mid-set downloads have been made even easier by ever-improving integrations between music providers and DJ software. Like Beatport’s Link service for example. This gives a DJ access to a library of millions of tracks without actually needing to download them all to their computer.

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Staying Up-to-date

All good DJs also stay as up-to-date as possible within their genre. Therefore, the chances are as soon as you hear a new big track most DJs will already have it. This also plays into answering the question of how do DJs have every track.

This is due to things like the Beatport Top 10s or their DJ’s recommended charts. These will often be charting tracks way before they become mainstream or wider known hits. It is not uncommon for tracks to have been released months before they make it “big”.

The other thing DJs will do is look for remixes and mashups of songs that they can play. This allows them to play tracks that are outside of their normal genre.

For example, if a commercial pop song has been remixed into a filthy Bass song then it’s perfectly acceptable for a DJ to drop that in a club. No matter how cheesy the original may have been.

This is why you’ll often be surprised by songs you recognize, even if you’re not a particular follower of specific genres.

Conclusion How Do DJs Have Every Track?

So, how do DJs have every track? By having access to every track, that’s how. If they want to, they can find anything and get it in the moment. That is secret number 1.

Even that aside they will already have large music libraries and vast knowledge. This is because they have a true passion for their craft for that genre, for you, and for playing for their crowd. This is secret number 2.

All of this helps to serve them and serve the crowd, and this gives the appearance that they have every track going. Because, where they can, they aim to make the crowd as happy as possible. So, if they take requests, and they can fulfill them in any way, then they will.

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